Restaurant - Parkhotel Sokolov


We’ll certainly surprise you at a restaurant with excellent Czech and international cuisine. There is no matter if you visit us with your family or friends, on a business trip or company training. Great raw-materials, tradition, quality background and invention of cooks satisfy all of good meal lovers.

Restaurant of our hotel offers you sitting in a pleasant environment, where you can see a beauty of Castle Park and nice trees from windows. Our staff prepares gastronomic experience for you, in which is combined professional service with selected culinary specialties of Czech and international cuisine.



Do you want to arrange business or private party, wedding, bash or banquet? In this case we have an air-conditioned lounge or conference room for you and we are ready to help you with any wish.





Lobby Bar

Lobby Bar in an entrance hall of our hotel is variation for you for short business meeting or for pleasant sitting at coffee, tea or other drinks from our offer.



Summer Restaurant

You can admire a view of lovely castle park with botanic road in park trees greenery, neibour with cycling and in-line road, in past a preserve for deers and fallow deers, which were grown by sokolov castle lords.

We can offer you our grilled specialties, desserts and drinks according your wishes with this lovely view.


Letní restaurace

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